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Diesel Progress Features Skyline Emissions


Diesel Progress

In the July 2015 issue of Diesel Progress, ESW Group's launch of Skyline Emissions (SkylineTM) is featured with an overview of Skyline’s plans for a new line of Aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Below is an excerpt from the article, as well as a downloadable PDF version (full article) and links to Diesel Progress.

It’s been eight years since medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in the United States started sporting diesel particulate filters (DPFs) to help meet stricter emissions requirements. During that time, millions of those vehicles have driven billions of miles, and many of the filters in the DPF systems are nearing their useful lifespan.

"ESW Group, which makes a diverse line of emissions control products designed primarily for diesel engine applications, sees an opening in a potentially lucrative aftermarket segment and is expanding its offerings to meet that new need," said Mark Yung, executive chairman of the Montgomeryville, Pa.-based company.

“The evolutionary change that the market saw in 2007, plus the growing recognition that even cleaner trucks need to replace mission-critical parts to ensure low emissions, is now creating this opportunity eight years later around an end-user market that is very sizeable,” Yung said. “These medium- to heavy-duty vehicles have very long shelf lives and can run up to 20 years and for many miles, and the DPF filters installed on these vehicles will have their own replacement cycle. This plays very well into the capabilities and knowledge base that ESW has been able to create around a niche market — the diesel emission control market.”

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