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Why is a Skyline DPF a better choice than a Reman DPF?

Why choose a Skyline DPF over a reman DPF? Also known as re-cored or re-conditioned, a remanufactured DPF is a used DPF that has been cleaned at a centralized facility after years of service. While a reman might appear to be a cost-effective purchase, you are paying a lot of money for an old filter with a completely unknown history. You don’t know its mileage, what trucks it has been on, or if it was damaged in the past.


Skyline DPFs

    • Brand new
    • OEM Equivalent
    • 3 year warranty
    • Proven durability
    • Longer service life
    • Reduced exhaust restriction
    • A fresh start

Reman DPFs

    • Used part that has been cleaned
    • Old core components
    • 3 - 12 month warranty
    • Unknown history and mileage
    • Unknown life expectancy
    • A gamble

The comparison

While a reman DPF can cost you much more than the initial price, a Skyline DPF is always brand new. Reman DPFs usually have a warranty of only 6 months, but Skyline offers a 3 year warranty on all of our DPFs and DOCs. Reman DPFs have hundreds of thousands of hard miles on them (and an unknown service history) but Skyline provides extended cleaning intervals. Reman DPFs may soon build up backpressure, require cleaning, or impact your turbocharger and other engine components, while Skyline DPFs give you a fresh start.

With an offering that covers DPFs, DOCs, clamps, and gaskets, Skyline is your best source for OEM quality, OEM performance, a 3 year warranty, at an aftermarket price.


Download a PDF version of the Skyline vs. Reman brochure. Or visit the Skyline Resources page to view the complete collection of Skyline brochures.