High Performance Diesel Emission Products
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Why are there so many different DPF and DOC shapes?

DPFs and DOCs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the result coming from design decisions made by the OEMs to meet their performance needs while addressing numerous tradeoffs. For example, the DOC and DPF must be large enough to remove pollutants from the exhaust gas, but not too large to fit in the space allotted by the truck manufacturer. The DPF must be fairly easy to remove for cleaning, but not have leaky joints. Parts must be rugged, but can’t cost too much. And when SCR arrived in 2010, more aftertreatment hardware was required so designers needed to be even more devoted to minimizing the size of the system, thus leading to more varieties.

Skyline® Emissions engineering team has been ready for the variations since Day One. The manufacturing facility was designed to be flexible so the equipment could handle the wide variety of configurations built by the OEMs. Precision manufacturing was another critical part of the facility so that Skyline customers won’t have alignment challenges.

In the sections below, we take a look at four of the most common configurations: the basic cylinder, cones on both ends, attached inlet, and the "space saver."