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ANX013 Skyline Emissions Aftermarket Nitrogen Oxide NOx Sensor for Cummins and Paccar Engines

ANX013 - Skyline Aftermarket NOx Sensor for Cummins and Paccar Engines

Skyline NOx Sensor: ANX013

Item: Skyline Aftermarket Nitrogen Oxide Sensor For Cummins and Paccar Engines

OEM Part #: 4326868, 4326868NX, 4326868RX, 4326476, 4326476NX, 4326476RX, 2897311, 2897311NX, 2897311RX, 2872779, 2872779NX, 2872779RX, 1928760PE, 1928760PEX, 1928760RX, 1953530, 1953530PE, 1953530PEX, 5WK9 6752C

Aftermarket Part #: 22035, S11868, 904-6011

Warranty: 1 year / Unlimited miles

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4326868CUM, 4326868NXCUM, 4326868RXCUM, 4326476CUM, 4326476NXCUM, 4326476RXCUM, 2897311CUM, 2897311NXCUM, 2897311RXCUM, 2872779CUM, 2872779NXCUM, 2872779RXCUM, 1928760RXCUM, 1953530CUM

Not for use or sale in California

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