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SC-F11.6-4C1-B1 - Skyline Aftermarket Clamp for Cummins ISC/ISL and Paccar PX8 DPF and DOC

SC-F11.6-4C1-B1 - Clamp for Cummins ISC/ISL and Paccar PX8 DPF and DOC

Skyline Part #: SC-F11.6-4C1-B1

Item: Clamp for Cummins ISC/ISC 8.3/ISL 9, Paccar PX-8/PX-9, Navistar Maxxforce 7/DT DPFs and DOCs

Description: V-Band Clamp, 11.75"

Applicable OEM Clamp #: Cummins 2871862, Cummins 5633336 (service kit of 2 clamps and 2 gaskets)

Applicable OEM Part#: 2880497NX, 2880497RX, 2880498, 2880498NX, 2880498RX, 2880512, 2880512NX, 2880512RX, 2880514, 2880514NX, 2880514RX, 2880516, 2880516NX, 2880516RX, 2880519, 2880519NX, 2880519RX, 2880589, 2880589NX, 2880589RX, 2885940, 2885940NX, 2885940RX, 3976606, 3976606NX, 3978026, 3978026NX, 3999661, 3999661NX, 3999662, 3999662NX, 4353289, 4353289NX, 4353289RX, 4353303, 4353303NX, 4353303RX, 4353304, 4353304NX, 4353304RX, 4387170, 4387170NX, 4965229, 4965229NX, 4965229RX, 4965284, 4965284NX, 4965286, 4965286NX, 4965286RX, 4965352, 4965352NX, 4965353, 4965353NX, 4969838, 4969838NX, 4969838RX, 4969839, 4969839NX, 4969839RX, 5287368, 5287368NX, 5287489, 5287489NX, 5287489RX, 5287491, 5287491NX, 5287491RX, 5287496, 5287496NX, 5287496RX, 5295605, 5295605NX, 5295605RX, 5295606, 5295606NX, 5295606RX, 5300556, 5300556NX, 5302636, 5302636NX, 5302769, 5302769NX, 5308482, 5308482NX, 5579352, 5579352NX, 5579352RX, 5579353, 5579353NX, 5579353RX, 5579354, 5579354NX, 5579354RX, 5579355, 5579355NX, 5579355RX, 5579356, 5579356NX, 5579356RX, 5579357, 5579357NX, 5579357RX, 2593981C91, 2593981R91, 2594022C91, 2597475C91, 2604873C91, 2605123C1, 5010836R91, 5010847R1, 5011143R91, A029B190, A029B233, A029B836, A029B860, A029K607, A029S731, A029S790, A029U539, A029U585, A029U609, A029W349, A030D523, A035H109, A035H295, A035H299, A035H302, A040M139, A041D445, A041R626, A042L841, A042M251

Applicable Skyline Part#: CJ0401, CJ0402, CJ0403, CJ0404, CJ0405, CJ0406, CJ0407, CJ0417, CJ0418, CJ0419, CJ0420, CJ0421, CJ0422, CJ0423, CJ0424, CJ0427, CJ0428, CJ1201, CJ1202, CJ1203, CJ1205, LJ0413, LJ0426, LJ0429, LJ1204, LJ1206, LJ1207, MJ0804, MJ1206

Engine Make/Model: Cummins ISC/ISC 8.3/ISL 9, Paccar PX-8/PX-9, Navistar Maxxforce 7/DT

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