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A drawings of an uncanned DOC and uncanned DPF substrates, which are sometimes called particulate filter element or catalyst elements

Particulate Filter Elements and Catalyst Elements

Cummins classifies certain parts as “Particulate Filter Element” and “Catalyst Element” and assigns them part numbers.  In contrast to the “Particulate Filter Module” or “Inlet Catalyst Module”, the Elements are not complete parts and cannot be used for cross referencing.

A “Particulate Filter Element” (PFE) is the ceramic filter core of a diesel particulate filter module (DPF).  A “Catalyst Element” (CE) is the ceramic core of a diesel oxidation catalyst module (DOC).  In the Skyline factory, we might call them “uncanned substrates.”  In order to become a sellable DOC and DPF – what Cummins calls “module” – the element needs to be “canned” by inserting the substrate in a metal sleeve with a flexible support mat, the necessary insulation, and then adding sensor ports, brackets, flanges, and so on.  

A Catalyst Element or Particulate Filter Element is generally used in multiple modules, covering a range of DOCs and DPFs that use the same size and type of substrate.  Therefore, it is rarely possible to connect a Catalyst Element or Particulate Filter Element with a single finished product.  For example, Cummins Particulate Filter Element 4354146 is used in DPFs 4394577, 4395011, 5418494, 5418493, to name a few.

If your search on the parts.cummins.com website gives you only elements, we advise you to consult the vehicle dealer (Kenworth, International, etc.) for assistance with finding the correct DOC or DPF part number.  Then check if Skyline makes the replacement part.

This list includes some of Cummins’ Particulate Filter Elements and Catalyst Elements:  2866280, 2866313, 2871481, 2871482, 2871483, 2871484, 2888153, 4329569, 4329673, 4353370, 4354143, 4354144, 4354146, 4354149, 4354150, 4354151, 4354154, 4354158, 4354159, 4354159, 4354160, 4354161, 4387933, 4388220, 4388221, 4394243, 4936736, 4936737, 4936738, 4936739, 4936740, 4936741, 4937109, 4943501, 4969762, 4969967, 4969971, 4969973, 4969978, 4983826, 4990900, 5271529, 5273449, 5283126, 5283128, 5283129, 5283130, 5283131, 5283295, 5283625, 5284050, 5289233, 5289234, 5298337, 5303107, 5305177, 5305179, 5305182, 5305183, 5305184, 5475653, 5475654, A029K006, A030E643, A030F543, A030M616, A030M618, A030Z982, A030Z983, A034W744, A034Y318, A044T452, A044T757, A044T757, A045B485, A046E870, A046V027, A047W706, A047W707, A052D004, A052D005, A052R951, Q165600, Q165721, A029P187, A029U069, A034Z695, A048G593, Q165609

For more information email Skyline’s product support team:  skylineproduct@eswgroup.com

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