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GA056 (previously SG-RB-06.3-H-A1) Skyline Aftermarket Gasket for Cummins DOCs

GA056 - Gasket for Cummins DOCs

Item: Gasket for Cummins ISL/ISM/ISX and Paccar MX13 DOCs

Skyline Part #: GA056 (previously SG-RB-06.3-H-A1)

Description: Gasket, 5"

Applicable OEM Gasket #: 2880215, A029E744, 3855685C1, 1827320PE

Applicable OEM Part #: 2131526, 2131526PE, 2131526PEX, 2871583, 2871583NX, 2871583RX, 2880505RX, 2880507, 2880507NX, 2880507RX, 2880508, 2880508NX, 2880508RX, 2880510, 2880510NX, 2880510RX, 4353251, 4353251NX, 4353251RX, 4353264, 4353264NX, 4353264RX, 4353274, 4353274NX, 4353274RX, 4394855, 4394855RX, 5289000, 5289000NX, 5289643, 5289643NX, 5300526, 5300526NX, 5309560, 5309560NX, 5313770, 5313770NX, 5509698, 5509698RX, 2088094XS, 2510787C91, A055H477, A055N645, A055N645

Applicable Skyline Part #: MQ0417, XQ0461, XN0612, XN0616, XN0618, XN0622, XN0630, XN0632, XN0633

Engine Make/Model: Cummins ISX

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